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COP20 draws to a close

14 Dec 2014

COP 20 has drawn to an close after an exhausting two weeks here in Lima. We have a document, the Lima Climate Action Plan, which has been agreed after last minute negotiations between the President of the COP and each of the negotiating blocs.

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175 agencies to be axed? Warped budget priorities set to continue in MYEFO

13 Dec 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says reports the Abbott government will target 175 government agencies for abolition is a warning sign that the cruel and warped priorities from the May budget are set to continue in the government's Mid Year Economic Forecast.

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Deceptive Coalition boasts about RET while wrecking renewable energy jobs

12 Dec 2014

With news today that RET uncertainty has forced Meridian Energy Australia to abandon its Burdekin Hydro project in Northern Queensland, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne, who is in Lima, says the Abbott government's duplicity has been exposed.

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