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$10 million for the arts would enrich our lives

Media Release
Christine Milne 18 Jan 2013

Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne, attending events at Tasmania's MONA FOMA festival this week, is launching $10 million of initiatives to support the arts and enrich the lives of more Australians.

The initiatives would ensure more young and emerging artists are paid for their work, encourage more innovation in the arts, and support more touring to regional Australia and overseas.

"The arts, from festivals like MONA FOMA and the Sydney Festival, to small art galleries and community theatre companies, bring so much joy to our lives," Senator Milne said.

"At a time when so many of us feel more and more under pressure in our daily lives, a small investment of $10 million would make a huge difference to helping artists and would pay tremendous dividends in economic activity as well as making our lives better."

The initiatives are:

  • Establishing a $3 million/yr Artists' Fund to ensure artists are paid for their exhibitions and performances, which will be particularly beneficial for young and emerging artists;
  • Supporting innovation in performing arts with a $5 million/yr research and development grants program; and
  • Taking performing arts to the community with an additional $2 million/yr to assist touring.

"Too many young and emerging artists in particular exhibit their work or perform without being paid simply because it gives them exposure and experience. A fund to pay them for their work is not only fair but will also help them create more work.

"Every industry needs to innovate and the arts are no exception. We hope this research and development program will see our already ground-breaking arts community excite us even more into the future.

"Those of us who are privileged enough to see so many of our excellent artists want nothing more than for them to get a larger audience, both around Australia and overseas, so we can share the joy. An additional $2 million a year for touring will help make that a reality.

"All of us in Tasmania know what a huge difference MONA has made to our economy, and our pride in our beautiful State. Let's see our government behind our creative artists to help enrich all of our lives even more."

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