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$16 million should still flow for Tasmanian jobs

The announcement today that Cadbury has backed out of Tony Abbott’s $16 million promise opens the way for him to fund a new cable connecting Tasmania to the global data network, Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

“Tony Abbott promised $16 million to help Tasmanian jobs during the election campaign, and that money should still flow to enabling infrastructure which will massively boost jobs and innovative business in Tasmania.

 “A connection to the new data cable being laid around Tasmania’s southern coastline could result in hundreds of jobs.

 “A new data cable would bring data transfer costs down for existing businesses and attract new businesses which would take advantage of Tasmania’s renewable energy and increased data capacity.

“The one-off grant to a profitable manufacturing for tourism business was always flawed ‘tourism’ policy.

“Let’s see the $16 million go to infrastructure that would help many businesses and create jobs,” Senator Milne said.


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