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175 agencies to be axed? Warped budget priorities set to continue in MYEFO

Media Release
Christine Milne 13 Dec 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says reports the Abbott government will target 175 government agencies for abolition is a warning sign that the cruel and warped priorities from the May budget are set to continue in the government's Mid Year Economic Forecast.

"Instead of raising revenue from the big end of town, the Abbott government seem set to continue its slash and burn agenda against the public service, the unemployed, students and the sick," Senator Milne said.

"It looks like the Abbott government hasn't learnt a thing from the six months of chaos and disaster borne of their cruel budget. Its ideology of small government, no regulation and anything goes for the big end of town is destroying the environment, hurting people and won't raise the projected finance. The Tea Party has moved into Canberra.

"If this proposal to abolish 175 government agencies is as well thought through as the rest of the Abbott government's budget priorities it will be a huge mess.

"With the banks, polluters, miners and the big end of town raking in billions in under taxed profit and subsidies, the argument that we should slash government agencies to raise revenue is nothing more than a con job.

"Without a substantial realignment of priorities for raising revenue to fund vital services and infrastructure, the Australian people and the parliament they elected will reject this cruel and warped budget over and over again."


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