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Abbott govt, Labor & Palmer Party deny parliament a vote on going to war

Media Release
Christine Milne 4 Sep 2014

The Abbott government, Labor opposition and Palmer Party have voted down the Greens bill to require that any decision to go to war be made by the parliament as a whole, not just by the executive.

"The Australian people, through the entire Australian Parliament, deserve a say in whether we go to war but Tony Abbott, Clive Palmer and the Labor party disagree," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"The archaic mechanism whereby a single commander-in-chief sends us to war is a hangover from the middle ages and has no place in a modern democracy. Australia should join countries like the US, UK and Germany in giving parliament a role.

"There is no more serious decision that a government can make than to send young Australian men and women into battle to fight for our country, to put their lives on the line.

"In the current circumstances it particularly important, as Australia appears to be edging closer and closer to another lengthy Iraq war and military campaign in the Middle East and the Ukraine, without any strategy in place or clear view of the national interest.

"If we do not learn from the lessons of past then will be condemned to repeat them."


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