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Attacks on Tasmania continue despite freight assistance

Media Release
Christine Milne 13 Mar 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne has welcomed extra federal funding for Tasmanian freight subsidies, but says overall the Abbott government is leaving the state worse off.

"Mr Abbott, we welcome some help with the Freight Equalisation Scheme, but we recognise that you've taken more from Tasmania than you're giving back," Senator Milne said.

"Last year Mr Abbott's government cut back the level of subsidy going to the Freight Equalisation Scheme, so they're making up for what they took out, but at the same time they're attacking health and education services in Tasmania.

"It's good that the government has handed over some money for the Freight Equalisation Scheme, but they've got to back off their attack on our university and on research and development.

"Tasmania lost $70 million a year when the government abandoned the polluter-pays principle, and now they're attacking the Renewable Energy Target.

"I really welcome any money that the government is prepared to put into the Freight Equalisation Scheme, but Tony Abbott gives with one hand and takes with the other," said Senator Milne.

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