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Jihadist doctor & terror: saying "just don't do it" won't do it – Milne

Christine Milne 26 Apr 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne says that Daesh is running a sophisticated propaganda campaign and the Prime Minister's response is inadequate.

"Where are the prevention programs Mr Abbott?" Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"This propaganda is sophisticated and appealing to hearts and minds.

"It's not enough for the Prime Minister to just stand there with his eight flags and say "don't do it". That won't work. It a recipe for complete failure.

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Feds must rule out forestry bail-out

Christine Milne 21 Apr 2015

The federal government must rule out yet another bail-out as the state government scrambles for a way out of the Forestry Tasmania mess, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said today.

"The federal government must declare it will not use Australian taxpayer money to yet again prop up Forestry Tasmania," Senator Milne said.

"Tasmania has received more than $1 billion in funding for the forest industry since 1990 and the industry still can't stand on its own two feet.

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Greens push to name, shame tax-dodging corporations

The Greens have released a discussion paper of policies to crack down on tax avoidance by multinational corporations, which is costing our federal budget billions.

"We cannot tax what we cannot see. Both the public and the parliament have a right to know which companies are dodging their taxes," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Joe Hockey is all talk about international cooperation some time in the future, but the Australian community can't afford to wait. Another Hockey budget is only three weeks away.

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Price gouging behind big power bills: Senate inquiry exposes lack of political will to fix it

The Greens say only gutless recommendations are contained in today's report from the Senate inquiry into electricity prices, which shows the only thing stopping Australians from enjoying lower electricity prices immediately is the lack of political will to stop major networks from gouging their customers.

"It's plainly obvious that to bring down power bills and pollution we must start with the electricity market and network charges," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

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US, China, EU, Brazil all probe Abbott’s climate policy vacuum

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says international pressure is mounting on the Abbott government ahead of UN climate talks in Paris.

"It's no surprise that the rest of the world is appalled by the Abbott government's refusal to adopt meaningful global warming policy," said Senator Milne.

"Australia may stand alone and humiliated, but even worse is that Tony Abbott's global warming policy protects the profits of the big polluters now at the expense of a safe climate for our children and grandchildren.

"It is intergenerational theft on an obscene scale."

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Use of Australian coal down, down and staying down

New figures show China imported 42 per cent less coal in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the same period last year, with analysts saying it's a signal demand for Australian coal will continue to fall.

"We need to leave it in the ground, simple as that," said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Tony Abbott has got to stop propping up this polluting industry that is falling down around his ears.

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Loggers put parrot on swift path to extinction

Christine Milne 16 Apr 2015

The news today that swift parrot habitat on Bruny Island will be logged increases the urgency for the federal government to step in and protect this endangered bird, Greens Leader Christine Milne said today.

"I wrote to Minister Greg Hunt last month following revelations the state government ignored expert advice not to log five swift parrot breeding areas," Senator Milne said.

"The Minister is the responsible person for threatened species in Australia and must step in to stop logging of its habitat.

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PM Abbott has no idea what success in Iraq would look like – Milne

Greens Leader Christine Milne says mission creep in Iraq has accelerated and Prime Minister Tony Abbott has committed troops to an unwinnable war.

"Tony Abbott continues to blindly follow the US further and further into the Iraq quagmire. He has absolutely zero idea of what success would look like," Senator Milne said.

"The Prime Minister says he will review the deployment after 12 months but against what criteria? What will constitute success or failure, what will determine whether we stay or come home?

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Abbott government humiliated by World Bank on global warming policy – Greens

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government has been further humiliated on global warming by World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim.

"Tony Abbott's dismissal of a price on pollution as some kind of extreme ideological tax that harms the economy has been exposed," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Australia stands alone and humiliated on global warming policy.

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