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Australian Greens Support “Eat Australian on Australia Day” campaign

In this, the Australian Year of the Farmer, the Australian Greens encourage all Australians to support our farmers by putting Australian food and beverages on the table as families and communities join together to enjoy Australia Day, Acting Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne said today.

"The "Eat Australian on Australia Day" campaign is a great initiative supporting our primary producers and showcasing the best of the food, wines, beers and soft drinks grown and processed in Australia. I urge all Australians to get behind it.

"Australians sometimes take our farmers for granted and expect that they will always be there to put food on our tables so now is a good time to think about what we as a community need to do to keep Australian farmers on the land.

"Australian farmers are some of the best in the world but they struggle to make a living in the face of extreme weather events, mining and gas expansion and cheap imports from countries that have much lower environmental and labour standards.

"When governments say that food must be affordable, the community needs to ask what is the cost to Australian farmers of cheaper imported food?

"Putting an Australian flag on a home brand product doesn't necessarily mean that what is in the tin was grown here.

"It is time that was addressed by governments in our trade agreements and by consumers as we shop.

"Farmers cannot withstand lower and lower farm gate prices as everyone else in the supply chain from the transporters to the super markets take a bigger and bigger share.

"It is time for all of us to work for a fair financial return to farmers, and for stronger labelling laws to make it easier to understand what is produced here.

"Let's get the Year of the Farmer off to a great start on Australia Day."


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