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Biodiversity Fund delivers $271 million for climate and regional Australia

The Biodiversity Fund established as part of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee agreement has allocated $271 million to its first projects which will bring resources to regional Australia to support communities and protect the environment.

"The fund of almost a billion dollars over 6 years is one of the aspects of the climate package that we are most proud of," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"This program will bring great benefits to regional Australia where communities have been looking for cash to help them steward the land by protecting biodiversity and storing carbon.

"It's great to see projects that focus on reconnecting fragile ecosystems and working with farmers to develop new business models getting funded in Tasmania.

"These successful first round projects show that NRM Regions, environmental organisations and land managers are ready and willing to work together to reward stewardship or our precious biodiversity, tackle weeds and increase carbon stores.

"This is $7.16 million of funding for Tasmania's environment and climate resilience that wouldn't have happened without the Greens, and it's a down-payment on five more years of funding to come.

"We are very keen to see the money maximising biodiversity and climate outcomes and helping communities across the country, and will be closely examining the first round of funded projects to make sure the fund is delivering on that."

Successful projects can be found at


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