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Bishop must intervene on Australians held in Russia - Greens

Media Release
Christine Milne 27 Sep 2013

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne has called on the government to intervene immediately on behalf of an Australian citizen and resident who have been detained and denied bail in Russia because of their peaceful protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

"Minister Julie Bishop must immediately contact the Russian Government and make representations to secure their release," Senator Milne said.

"Greenpeace activists on the Arctic Sunrise were highlighting for the world the serious dangers of oil spills in the pristine Arctic when they were boarded and arrested at gunpoint.

"Greenpeace says the Arctic Sunrise was in international waters at the time that it was boarded by armed officials. This raises serious concerns about the Russian Government's behaviour.

"Suggestions of piracy are ridiculous. Peaceful protest is not piracy and Minister Bishop's silence on this is of great concern.

"It is critical that the Australian Government upholds the right to peaceful protest and does not turn its back on any Australian being subjected to this kind of treatment dished out by the Russian Government."

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