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Cabinet should back Crean and Greens on film support

Media Release
Christine Milne 14 Nov 2012

The strongest statement yet from Arts Minister, Simon Crean, that he supports lifting the location tax offset to 30% for all films, not just Wolverine, is a sign to the industry and its supporters to campaign even harder for this important move, the Australian Greens said today.

"I had the great pleasure and privilege of a tour around the Wolverine set last week after years of raising the need to lift the location tax offset, and saw first hand the high-skilled jobs in this industry," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"Wolverine will help keep these talented people in Australia and support more local films being made, but if we want a really viable local industry, we need to lift the location offset for all films, not just one-offs.

"Lifting the location tax offset brings in substantially increased tax revenue in the near term, with offsets only payed years down the track.

"A 30% tax break on films will not only benefit jobs but enhance vibrancy in the community, and help Australia transition from a resource-based economy to a diversified knowledge, service and skills-based economy.

"I'm delighted to hear Minister Crean's clear statement that 'we should be looking to increase the location offset' and strongly encourage Cabinet to make this change that the Minister, the Greens and the industry are all calling for."

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