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Children and families will suffer the most in Rudd’s latest cruel and absurd Nauru proposition

Media Release
Christine Milne 3 Aug 2013

The Australian Greens have condemned Kevin Rudd's latest cruel manoeuvring and bribery of Nauru.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said: "The Prime Minister is caught out by his own rush to cruelty.

"Kevin Rudd said there would be no exceptions, but when it became clear he couldn't send children under seven or pregnant women because of malaria, he had to hurriedly cobble together a new cruel punishment for them.

"Kevin Rudd has come up with Nauru not only as a place of punishment, but as a place of resettlement. It is cruel and absurd.

"A five minute assessment of the logistics will tell you that a 21 square kilometre island with a population of 10,000, that has no food, an insecure water supply and inadequate services cannot resettle thousands of refugees.

"Exactly how many millions of dollars does he expect Australia will spend flying food, water and fuel to Nauru indefinitely?

"This race between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to out do each other in cruelty to refugees and in defiance of international law, not to mention abandoning overseas aid commitments, must stop. It is demeaning to all Australians and it tarnishes our global reputation.

"Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott need to admit there is no border security crisis, what we have here is a humanitarian crisis.

"It is people who are suffering, not faceless, nameless ‘unauthorised maritime arrivals' as they would have Australians believe."

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Australian Greens' immigration spokesperson said: "This is just more cruelty at the cost of Australia's generous heart and it is trashing our global reputation.

"Dumping young children, mothers and children who are all alone on Nauru is heartless and irresponsible.

"There is a genuine alternative where refugees are treated humanely and fairly. The Greens' plan to assess refugee claims in Indonesia and increase our humanitarian intake would stop fathers, mothers and children coming by boat.

"The Greens plan is also much cheaper, saving more than $5 billion and could be done today."


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