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Christine Milne: Congratulations to the YWCA Australia for their 'She Speaks' survey [Motion]

Christine Milne 3 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, joins Opposition Senators in congratulating the YWCA for their 'She Speaks' survey and calls on the Prime Minister to lead change on gender stereotypes.

Senator MILNE: On behalf of Senators Waters, Moore and Singh, I move:

That the Senate-

(a) notes the launch of the YWCA Australia 'She Speaks' survey, which brings to our attention the voices of 1 600 girls and young women, ages 15 to 30, from across Australia;

(b) recognises that of the survey respondents:

(i) 71 per cent want to be leaders in their community in the future,

(ii) 58 per cent currently consider themselves to be a leader in their family, school, community and/or workplace,

(iii) 90 per cent think that women experience discrimination,

(iv) 80 per cent do not believe that equality has been achieved, and

(v) 79 per cent feel that gender based stereotypes damage their working lives, their sense of self, their safety in relationships, and their leadership capacity,

(c) recognises That the survey respondents called on:

(i) the Prime Minister to lead change on gender stereotypes, and

(ii) the Government to fund programs across their school and university education that will support their leadership development and access to mentors; and

(d) congratulates the YWCA Australia for its 'She Speaks' survey and work on girls and young women's leadership.

Question agreed to.


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