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Christine Milne on James Price Point

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Christine Milne 26 Feb 2013

Christine Milne asked Stephen Conroy, representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities a question in the Senate about James Price Point.

Is the Minister aware of the huge public demonstration in Fremantle on Sunday against the proposed gas hub in the West Kimberley in which thousands of people marched in opposition to the gas plan promoted by WA Premier Colin Barnett and federal resources minister, Martin Ferguson?

If he is aware of it, with regard to the imminent decision by Woodside to move heavy machinery into the sand dunes at Walmadany, which contain burial grounds and other sites of enormous significance to local Aboriginal people, can the minister tell the Senate, with respect to Minister Burke's assessment of a section 9 request for emergency heritage protection-which he has now had on his desk for more than 18 months-where it is up to, when it will be completed and when it will be released? 


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