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Christine Milne: We must respect research [Motion]

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, introduces a motion the the senate calling on the Abbott government to respect science and research in Australia. The motion reads as follows: 

Senator MILNE (Tasmania-Leader of the Australian Greens) (12:13): I move:

That the Senate calls on the Government to:

(a) respect research as fundamental to our country's health and prosperity;

(b) maintain public funding for all areas of research in the May 2014 budget;

(c) lift Australia's total spending on research and development over time to 3 per cent of gross domestic product, a target also set by the United States;

(d) stop the 'brain drain' and back our researchers, scientists and educators by providing secure career pathways, more certain funding arrangements and the national infrastructure that equips people to make discoveries;

(e) respect academic independence as well as the process of peer-review and expert recommendations; and

(f) secure our future by ensuring that children get a better understanding of science and research at school.

Question agreed to.


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