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A Clean Air Act for Australia

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Christine Milne 24 Aug 2013

It's time we took the air we breathe more seriously. Industries continue to pump dangerous emissions into our atmosphere that have huge costs to human health - and Australia's air quality protections are lagging behind.

The Greens will deliver a Clean Air Act to cut toxic pollution and help keep our most precious resource clean and healthy.

Our Senate inquiry into air pollution found that coal communities like the Hunter don't have the information they need to assess the risks to their health from coal dust. We'll make sure that Australians finally have accurate data on the air quality near their homes with national monitoring.

We'll move to protect coal communities, by making big business cover their coal trains, set homes back a safe distance, and take the health of locals into account whenever they propose a mine.

Australian standards on toxic engine and heater emissions have not kept up with cleaner technologies. We'll bring in emissions standards for new engines and heaters, so that Australians know they're buying safer models.

Australians should be able to breathe easy, knowing that it is safe to breathe the air in their homes. Only the Greens have a plan to make that happen.

Download our full Clean Air Act plan here.

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