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Climate Council report exposes Abbott government’s drought failure

The Australian Greens say today’s heatwave report from the Climate Council isn’t just another warning sign – it’s heartbreaking proof that Australia is not doing enough to tackle global warming.

“Our communities are already experiencing heatwaves at a severity that scientists didn’t expect until 2030,” said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

“Heatwaves impact health and result in more deaths, also having a huge impact on transport infrastructure and agriculture.

“Just this week we’ve had US Secretary of State John Kerry talking in Indonesia about the severe impacts of climate change and the desperate need to act on it. At the same time you’ve got Tony Abbott touring drought stricken areas pretending it’s got nothing to do with global warming.

“How do you tour a drought-stricken area and pretend it has nothing to do with the intensifying impacts of global warming?

“It’s cruel and cowardly to go out there and tell farmers you’re going give them more loans, so they can incur more debt, and refuse to acknowledge that things have to change in terms of what you grow, where you grow it and how you grow it. 

“Tony Abbott is failing to lead Australia. His push to dismantle existing climate policies threatens to put us even further behind. He is condemning people to more intense fires, heatwaves, floods, storms and droughts.

“This government is embarrassing Australia on the world stage, making everyday life more difficult for our local communities and offering nothing but short-sighted solutions.

“The Abbott government must be shamed into doing the right thing for this country and for all of us.”

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