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'Cloud-making', 'clean coal' and nukes vs efficiency and renewables

Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today called on Australian voters to reject the spurious, slow and expensive technofixes presented by the Government in favour of the Greens' commonsense, systematic and coherent climate change and water policies.

Senator Milne said "Last night's 7.30 Report revealed that Malcolm Turnbull has thrown his weight behind yet another spurious technofix – making clouds – instead of commonsense measures such as efficiency and re-evaluating our water use.

"The $10 million grant to a Liberal Party donor's company, Australian Water Corporation, strongly parallels the Government's continued financial and rhetorical support for nuclear power and so-called 'clean coal' technologies promoted by major party donors.

"There are serious questions to be answered as to how Government policy has been made, and whether donations and close relationships have clouded the minds of Mr Turnbull, Mr Howard and their colleagues.

"The Greens, on the other hand, are proposing shifting all research and development funding currently going to polluting fossil fuels over to efficiency and clean, renewable energy technologies to bring these real alternatives to market as fast as possible.

"Consistent with the IPCC's recommendations, we have put forward a range of energy efficiency measures across the economy, seizing the opportunity presented by the fastest and cheapest way of reducing emissions.

"It beggars belief that, with repeated warnings of the urgency of this situation, the Government is ignoring the solutions that are available now and throwing millions of dollars at speculative technofixes which, even if they can be proven, are at least a decade away from reality.

"The ALP should also give some serious consideration to their overwhelming support for 'clean coal' when even Peter Debnam, the former leader of the NSW Liberals, is saying that it does not exist.

"Australian voters are worried about the urgency of addressing climate change and are increasingly turning to the Greens as it becomes clearer that neither of the big old parties is offering the coherent and systematic policies we need. The Prime Minister and Minister Turnbull's love affair with nuclear power, coal and spurious technofixes such as that revealed last night will support that trend."

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