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Country of Origin Labelling Timeline

Senator Bob Brown moved amendments to the 'Made in Australia' legislation, and not one Labor or Coalition Senator supported move to make 'Made in Australia' labelling mean just that - 100% made in Australia.

August 2005
Senator Bob Brown introduced food labelling legislation to require all packaged and unpackaged food placed on the market in Australia must have a label identifying its country of origin

September 2005
Coalition and Labor oppose the Greens' Truth in Labelling Bill in the Senate

August 2009
Senators Bob Brown, Nick Xenophon and Barnaby Joyce, introduce a bill to require Food Standards Australia New Zealand to develop and approve food product labelling standards.

September 2009
Bill referred to inquiry by Senate Economics Legislation Committee for report by 26 November 2009.

January 2011
Government review (Blewett Review) of food labelling law and policy. Report recommends labelling for food based on its country of origin.

July 2012
Senator Christine Milne introduced the Accurate Country of Original Labelling for Food Bill to provide clear, food-specific, country of origin labelling so that customers will better understand where their food comes from.

September 2012
Senator Christine Milne introduced Competition and Consumer Amendment (Australian Food Labelling) Bill 2012 with rules for food labelling based on where food is grown or produced, rather than where it is packaged or processed.

• Bill referred to inquiry by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee, reported 25 March 2013

The Bill would:
• Enact Recommendation 41 of the Government's Blewett Review, by creating a specific section in the Competition and Consumer Act that will deal solely with country or origin claims with regard to food.
• Enact Recommendation 42 of the Blewett Review, that country of origin labelling for food should be based on the ingoing weight of the ingredients and components, excluding water.

February 2015
Senator Christine Milne introduces Competition and Consumer Amendment (Australian Country of Origin Food Labelling) Bill 2015.

Country of Origin Labelling.
Eighteen Years.
Six Different Bills.
One Government Review.
Two Senate Inquiries.
It's Time for Action.


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