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Data cable essential infrastructure for the future

Media Release
Christine Milne 9 Apr 2015

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has thrown her support behind the Tasmanian Government’s investigation of a new data cable for the state and called on the federal government to help out if needed.

“This is one of those cases of ‘if you build it they will come’,” Senator Milne said.

“A fourth data cable connecting us to the world could bring costs down and attract more ICT business to the state.

“Increased data capacity, our abundant renewable energy, educated workforce and temperate climate could see us becoming the home of major data storage centres, IT support services and energy hungry tech businesses. 

“This cable would enhance Tasmania’s clean, green and clever brand because Tasmania could be advertised as a solution for companies wanting to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, by storing data using renewable energy. Data centres in Asia using dirty energy could relocate to Tasmania for its clean energy.

 “The Greens have been urging state and federal governments to seriously consider this opportunity since it was first proposed last year.

“If the federal government needs to top up the state’s contribution to make the connection then it should do so.

“This is the perfect project for Infrastructure Australia to invest in, or the government could divert some of the $16 million promised for Cadbury.

“Innovation is Tasmania's future and we cannot let the latest opportunity to improve our information and communications technology sector go past, literally or figuratively.

“If we want more people to move to Tasmania, and more Tasmanians to be able to choose to live here rather than have to leave to seek work, the ICT sector is one part of the answer,” Senator Milne said.

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