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Deficit levy plan will hurt Australians while letting big business, mining off the hook

Media Release
Christine Milne 27 Apr 2014

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne called on the Labor party and cross benchers to reject any proposal from the Abbott Government for a new tax on Australians, while polluters and big business continue to be let off the hook.

"The Australian Greens will oppose any attempt to institute a new tax that will hurt Australians while the Abbott Government refuses to raise revenue from those who can afford it most.

"A tax like this on everyone except the richest and dirtiest must be rejected.

"We call on other Senators to do the same.

"The Commission of Audit is a flawed process that has failed to investigate ways to raise revenue or create a balanced economy.

"The Abbott Government could save $13 billion by ending tax-payer subsidies to 'big mining' and raise another $4.3 billion by taxing trusts and taxing those who have a salary of over $1m."


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