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Desperate PM turns to scare tactics - Milne

Media Release
Christine Milne 16 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is trying to shore up his leadership by scaring the community and pressing the terror button, says Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"We've got a Prime Minister who is so desperate that he is trying to press the terror button in order to shore up his own position. It won't make us safer," Senator Milne said.

"He's fanning flames of fear, anxiety, difference and division, because it's about the only thing that can distract from those same problems within his own party.

"Real leadership will bring people together, not divide them.

"A safer Australia is a more inclusive, generous and supportive Australia. Fanning the flames of fear, difference and anxiety will put Australia at risk," said Senator Milne.

"Rather than stoking fear and division, the Liberals should get behind the Social Cohesion bill I introduced in Parliament last week."


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