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Don’t sack workers, fix mining tax loophole

Fixing the state royalties loophole in the mining tax would prepare our nation for the challenges of the 21st century, while sacking thousands of people from the public service will only make life harder for millions of Australians, the Greens said today.


"It is beyond ridiculous that governments will bend over backwards to protect jobs in a handful of industries while Labor and Tony Abbott are falling over each other to sack the people who are working hard providing services to all Australians," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said today.


"Fixing the mining tax loophole that allows state governments to gouge profits out of the nation's purse would net the Commonwealth $10 billion out to 2020.


"Broadening the tax base to the kind of mining super profits tax Ken Henry originally suggested would provide far more resources that the country needs to invest in better schools for all children, fully publicly funded dental care, the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy and more.


"It beggars belief that a Labor government - particularly one that has attacked Tony Abbott for wanting to sack public servants - would be planning even harsher slash and burn policies that would inevitably mean thousands of people who work for the public good would lose their jobs, and vital services that many Australians rely on for their quality of life would be cut."


The Greens are backing the CPSU campaign launched this week at  that highlights the impact that public service job cuts have on all Australians.


"The 21st century will throw huge challenges in our path and we will need a diverse economy and a strong public sector to face up to them.  Far from sacking people who dedicate their lives to public service, we should be funding a smarter, healthier, cleaner Australia by ensuring that we accelerate the transition from a dig-it-up, cut-it-down economy to a knowledge and service based one."



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