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Don’t wait for politicians: divest to transform Australia

Media Release
Christine Milne 14 Feb 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne says politics is moving too slowly away from polluting fossil fuels, urging Australians to take matters into their own hands on this Global Divestment Day.

"If you're waiting to follow the leader toward a cleaner, healthier economy, you'll be waiting an awfully long time for Tony Abbott. He's too busy knighting princes and pledging his allegiance to Old King Coal," said Senator Milne.

"We don't get to vote in the Liberals' leadership spill, but every one of us can vote with our wallets by switching to banks and super funds that invest in industries we want to support.

"Billions of taxpayer dollars are currently being used by the Liberal government to support the fossil fuels industry - through subsidies and rebates, as well investment of the money in Australia's savings account: the Future Fund.

"The Greens are pushing for the government to make the Future Fund divest from fossil fuels, the way it stopped investing in tobacco.

"Fossil fuel pollution is like second-hand smoke on a global scale. We shouldn't prop up such a harmful industry, especially when Australia is rich in the alternatives: sunshine, heat, waves and wind.

"People have really grasped their power as consumers, but we're still just waking up to the fact we have a lot of power as investors as well.

"If you have a bank account or superannuation, or if you're paying a mortgage, uni fees, council rates or tax, your money is being invested, and you have the power to control where it goes.

"Coal mines, ports, and power stations are part of a dying industry. Australia's remaining coal must be left in the ground if we want to maintain a liveable climate."

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