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Forests agreement clear: logging must stop

The government agreement to stop logging in Tasmania's wild forests is clear: logging must stop in the 430,000ha that the Prime Minister and Premier said would be protected, Australian Greens Deputy Leader Christine Milne said today.

"We've heard that Forestry Tasmania cannot move its logging out of the area. The next step is to issue compensation to those contract holders as the agreement clearly states," Senator Milne said.

"By continuing to log, Forestry Tasmania is in breach of its deed with the state government which saw it pocket $12.65 million of taxpayers' money, as well as putting the state government in breach of its agreement with the federal government.

"Regardless of how much Forestry Tasmania says the logging is for high quality sawlog, Ta Ann's peeler logs, or the woodchipper, the fact remains that logging was supposed to be stopped in high conservation value forests and if contracts are unable to be filled, compensation is payable.

"When this forests agreement was first announced the Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim joined Senator Brown and me in pointing out that not one hectare of the 430,000ha was protected.

"The Prime Minister and the Premier reassured environmentalists that this was not the case. It is now up to Prime Minister Gillard, Minister Burke, Premier Giddings and Minister Green to make good their word," Senator Milne concluded.


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