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FT a millstone around Tasmania’s neck

Today's review of Forestry Tasmania confirms the government enterprise is a failed business enterprise and shows viable overseas markets for pulp wood have dried up as the Greens predicted back in the early 1990s, Australian Greens Acting Leader Christine Milne said today.

"The URS-Deloitte report clearly shows there are no viable overseas markets for native forest woodchips or pulp logs. China is volatile and will only buy the pulp wood at extremely low prices.

"We will be paying the Chinese to take the forests away if we go down that path.

"The report also shows Forestry Tasmania lost $8.8 million and $9.2 million in the past two financial years, confirming that Forestry Tasmania is sucking millions of dollars out of the state budget which is money that could be spent on hospitals and schools.

"If it was a private business, Forestry Tasmania would have been in receivership years ago.

"The report has considerable ramifications for the forests intergovernmental agreement and the federal government should demand the state government dismantles the failed enterprise," Senator Milne said.


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