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Government must apologise to David Hicks

Media Release
Christine Milne 19 Feb 2015

The Greens say David Hicks deserves and immediate apology for the injustice he has suffered, also calling for a thorough investigation about how and why the Australian Government let this happen.

"David Hicks was subjected to a bogus conviction, torture and wrongful imprisonment. An apology should be immediate," said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"Mr Hicks has described himself today as exhausted, worn out and defeated. An apology is about acknowledging the injustice he's suffered, and doing something to make it right.

"Prime Minister Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis should immediately apologise on behalf of the Australian Government for its part in this contemptible chapter in our recent history," said Senator Milne.

Greens legal affairs spokesperson, Senator Penny Wright, says Australians have a right to know how and why our Government left one of its citizens stranded.

"Now his conviction has been overturned, David Hicks deserves an apology and the Australian people deserve to know this will never happen again," said Senator Wright.

"We must have a full, independent investigation into how and why the Howard Government knowingly let David Hicks be so mistreated.

"This is not just about a man called David Hicks - it's about all Australians being able to trust their government to uphold their democratic and legal rights, wherever they are.

"We need an independent inquiry to ensure this breach of trust will not be repeated."

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