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Government refuses to protect endangered swift parrot

Media Release
Christine Milne 25 Mar 2015

The federal government has refused to stop logging in forests critical to the survival of the endangered swift parrot in response to questioning from Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne today in the Senate.

"Environment Tasmania this week released a report showing the Tasmanian Government's complete failure to protect the endangered swift parrot by ignoring scientific advice not to log recognised Swift Parrot Important Breeding Areas," Senator Milne said.

"The federal government today has refused to step in and stop the logging in critical breeding areas for the parrot.

"The swift parrot is listed as endangered under Australian law, so the federal minister must take responsibility for the wanton destruction of the bird's habitat in Tasmania, but he won't do it.

"He should stop logging in the breeding areas immediately and stop moves to roll over the failed Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement, which has no contributed to the recovery of threatened species such as the parrot.

"What is the use of a Threatened Species Commissioner if he can't be deployed to get to the bottom of what's happened in Tasmania and implement emergency protection for the parrot?" Senator Milne said.

"The Abbott government is ideologically wedded to logging native forests, even if the results is species extinction.

Watch Christine's Take Note speech about the swift parrot here:

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