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Government wants taxpayer to carry liability for coal geosequestration

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said:

"It is extremely telling that the coal giants have so little faith in their own geosequestration proposals that they are unwilling to either put forward serious funds or to bear the long-term liability in case the storage fails.

"The Rudd Government's House of Representatives Committee has poked its nose out of the pocket of the coal sector long enough to tell the Australian community that we will be the ones to carry the can for the mega-profitable coal giants. Taxpayers will apparently put up the cash to develop this doubtful and risky techno-fix and will take on full liability for leakage after a site has closed.

"The Committee noted that public confidence is vital to geosequestration's success, but nothing could undermine public confidence faster than discovering that those responsible for burying hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon pollution are refusing to carry the liability in case it leaks. The nuclear industry's refusal and inability to take care of its own waste is a large part of the reason it has lost public support.

"Dick Adams and his Government need to explain why the polluter shouldn't pay for cleaning up its own act and carry the risk of buring carbon pollution instead of avoiding it in the first place."

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