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Greens back international opposition to Abbott’s attacks on our environment

The Australian Greens firmly support the World Commission on Protected Areas in calling on the Abbott government to stop threatening our national parks and World Heritage Areas.

“Tony Abbott’s agenda of environmental vandalism is an attack on our precious native plants, animals and ecosystems. It is a national embarrassment and the world is watching,” Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said. 

“The Prime Minister must take heed of this strong and unprecedented international warning and withdraw his destructive proposal to remove 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian wilderness from World Heritage protection.

“Sydney is hosting the IUCN’s World Parks Congress in November and the international spotlight will be on Australia’s actions to protect our globally significant environmental assets.

“Tony Abbott needs to abandon his anti-protected areas ideology before this landmark congress to avoid further international condemnation,” Senator Milne said.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said:  “Across the country, state premiers are threatening our national parks with logging, grazing, shooting and mining.

“And Tony Abbott is intent on handing over federal environment protection responsibilities to his state cronies.

“Tony Abbott wants to wash his hands completely of our most precious places and wildlife, including World Heritage Areas and endangered species, and leave them for the states to trash.

“The Greens will stand firm against Tony Abbott’s attacks on our environment,” Senator Waters said. 


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