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Greens call to fix mining tax on back of GDP result

Just over 80% of growth reported in today's new GDP figures have come from the mining sector, so Australian Greens say it's time to fix the mining tax to return a fair share of profits to communities.

"These GDP figures reinforce that there is no budget emergency. The Abbott government is choosing to let big miners off the hook, while trying to justify oppressive, cruel cuts," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"These mining companies are raking in huge profits by exploiting minerals that belong to each and every Australian. We need a tax that will deliver fair compensation.

"What we have now is a watered-down tax crafted by the mining companies that is squandering the benefits of this mining boom, which won't last forever.

"The latest modelling from the Parliamentary Budget Office shows a tax on mining super-profits would deliver even more revenue to federal coffers than when it was first proposed. We're talking $35 billion," said Senator Milne.

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