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Greens Leader on ARENA deal

Media Release
Christine Milne 9 Jul 2014

"I welcome the decision by Mr Muir and Mr Palmer to join the Greens and Labor in opposing the abolition of ARENA," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"However, it is extremely disappointing that Mr Palmer and Mr Muir will join Tony Abbott in voting to gut ARENA of $717 million over the next three years. I have serious concerns that ARENA won't be able to fund new innovation projects for renewable energy that we can export to the world.

"The government must now immediately appoint board members and continue contracts for staff that are about to expire so that the existing projects can be overseen.

"We had an opportunity to maintain the current level of funding for ARENA. Mr Palmer and Mr Muir have helped slash yet more millions out of genuine action to address global warming."

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