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Greens leader launches Griffith candidate

Media Release
Christine Milne 3 Feb 2014

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne today launched the Greens candidate for the Griffith by-election, Geoff Ebbs, saying the by-election would be a test of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's leadership and his secretive government.

"Despite his secretive government, Tony Abbott's true agenda of driving harsh budget cuts and environmental vandalism at the reef and in our forests has been exposed," Senator Milne said.

"The people of Griffith don't want cuts to health, they don't want to tear down investment in renewable energy. Now they have an opportunity to send a message that Australians deserve better."

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters said: "Queenslanders are already suffering from Campbell Newman's harsh cuts and we can't afford more pain to come from Tony Abbott."

"Tony Abbott is out of step with the Griffith community, where residents want action on global warming, a healthy reef and a compassionate society."

Candidate Geoff Ebbs said: "The Greens recognise you can't have infinite growth when you rely on finite resources. The failure of our current leaders to recognise this reality has led directly to climate chaos and permanent damage to the natural systems that nurture and support us."

"If you want leaders who will govern in your interests, on the basis of scientific reality not economic fantasy, Vote Green in 14."

Mr Ebbs said the Greens were running a strong people-powered campaign and had door-knocked hundreds of homes in the electorate.

"We might not have the resources of Labor and Liberal, but we will make a difference with our people-powered campaign," he said.

For media contact for Mr Ebbs please contact Kate Dennehy 0422 294 771


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