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Greens Leader to states: Don’t fall for PM Abbott’s GST ploy

Media Release
Christine Milne 20 May 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government is attempting to trick the states into talking about the GST, to distract from his brutal budget and the opportunities that still exist to raise revenue from his big business mates.

"My message to the states is: don't fall for Tony Abbott's GST ploy. The Prime Minister is trying to fool you and distract the community from his cruel budget cuts," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Tony Abbott wants the states to talk about higher or new sales taxes, or else take the fall for his brutal budget that takes away from those who can least afford it, like the sick and the elderly.

"The GST debate is a trick. It is nothing more than the next step in Tony Abbott's plan to make low income families pay more, so that big business can get off scot free.

"Tony Abbott would rather see Australia's mums and dads pay a price on peas and carrots than make BHP pay a price on pollution.

"The Prime Minister wants to pretend there are not significant opportunities to raise a fair share for Australians from the big miners, polluters and banks who are raking in billions. He is protecting the big end of town and wants the states and ordinary families to take the fall.

"If anyone doubted the budget was written for big business by big business, they only need to look at the IPA's wish list and compare. Number 78 is: extend the GST.

"The states and the Labor party should rule out any changes to the GST, end this phoney debate and force the Prime Minister to swallow his own cruel budget."


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