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Greens National Conference calls for withdrawal of Australian military from Iraq war

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Christine Milne 8 Nov 2014

The Australian Greens National Conference has agreed to the following resolution by consensus. 


The National Conference of the Australian Greens affirms its strong support for: 

1. Legislation that ensures parliamentary debates and votes prior to the commitment of Australian forces to military conflict; 

2. Our Federal MPs for their opposition to military involvement in the renewed conflict in the Middle East, including the commitment of air force and special forces soldiers to Iraq and potentially Syria;

3. Australia offering humanitarian protection to asylum seekers displaced by the conflict

4. All efforts to combat Islamophobia and racism in our communities. 

The National Conference of the Australian Greens condemns:

5. The violence of the Islamic State and other extremist terrorist groups in the Middle East. 

6. The renewed violence and discrimination currently being experienced by many Muslim Australians, especially Muslim women. 

The National Conference of the Australian Greens calls for:

1. The withdrawal of Australian military forces from Iraq; 

2. A moratorium on the return of Iraqi asylum seekers already in Australia and commitment to an emergency intake of 6,250 additional places for those fleeing the crisis. 

3. The Australian Government to work with other nations to stem the flow of arms and finances to the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, including through the use of sanctions;

4. The Australian Government to increase their aid contributions to the humanitarian response to the crisis in Iraq;

5. Australian Greens MPs to continue to be strong public advocates on Greens policy on the conflicts in the Middle East.


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