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Greens remain genuine, extremely popular and in touch with everyday Australians

The Australian Greens are popular and support is growing, and a slap from a government minister is just part of the political debate which is increasingly demonstrating that Labor - whether it's the mining tax or pokies reform - will opt for the interests of big business over working people almost every time, Acting Leader Christine Milne said today.

"The main focus should be on representing people effectively and achieving a transition to a sustainable, cleaner economy with social and environmental outcomes that we can all be proud of. Mr Albanese seems to think that the pinnacle is being a Cabinet minister," Senator Milne said.

"By his focus on the politics and not the outcomes, Mr Albanese has demonstrated why people are losing faith in the old political parties and the Cabinet ministers who represent them.

"The record will show that it is the Greens in the balance of power who have always demonstrated the most responsible attitude to managing the economy, from getting Tasmania out of debt in the 1990s to supporting and improving the stimulus package during the global financial crisis to make it more jobs-friendly.

"His mere contention that the Greens should have supported the dud package that he signed off on under the Rudd government, because it would have delivered a Turnbull-led opposition rather than an Abbott-led opposition, shows he is all about the politics and not about genuine climate outcomes.

"If anything, he has demonstrated the critical role the Greens played in negotiations for a multi-party committee on climate change and the whole-of government approach which will now deliver the biggest investment ever in renewable energy and energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and implementing the polluter-pays principle.

"As the community becomes more aware of the urgency of addressing the ecological and economic crises facing the planet, they will increasingly turn to the Greens because people recognise the deep commitment to the issues that the Greens bring to the Parliament," Senator Milne said.

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