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Greens say G20 ploy will wedge PM Abbott, not Senate

Greens Leader Christine Milne says Prime Minister Abbott is setting Australia up to fail in the eyes of the G20, by ignoring global warming and playing domestic politics on the international stage.

"Tony Abbott is promising the G20 he'll deliver on some of his cruel budget cuts that have already been denounced by the Senate and the community as unacceptable," said Senator Milne

"Using the G20 to wedge the Senate is another crash or crash through tactic, but it's going to backfire on the Abbott government.

"G20 commitment or no, the Greens will not help Tony Abbott cut crucial community services, raise barriers to health and education or entrench the advantage of the rich at the expense of the wider community.

"Tony Abbott is shamelessly using this international forum as a platform for his own domestic political agenda and refusal to accept global warming science.

"The Prime Minister wants to focus on economic issues at the G20. Well, global warming is the economic issue of this century, Prime Minister. It will be the elephant in the room.

"Global warming is not just about energy efficiency. It has impacts across the economy in every country in the world: in agriculture, trade, security, immigration, health, infrastructure, tourism and more.

"Avoiding real action on global warming in favour of cuts to health and education is short-sighted in the extreme," said Senator Milne.

"In committing to his cruel budget cuts at the G20 Tony Abbott has set himself up to fail, and by ignoring global warming he's taking Australia down with him."


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