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Greens say RET report is climate denier drivel

Media Release
Christine Milne 28 Aug 2014

The Australian Greens say it's no surprise that a review led by a climate sceptic has trashed the Renewable Energy Target, saying both options the report presents will destroy renewable energy in Australia.

"I'm glad this dangerous and ignorant report is finally public, so everyone can see it for the climate denier drivel it is. The outcome was determined long ago," said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"It's now time to give the industry certainty by retaining and expanding the Renewable Energy Target.

"The RET review is part of the dinosaur protection racket - an $8 billion favour for Tony Abbott's mates in the fossil fuels sector, at the expense of clean technology.

"Clean energy is proving way too good at making coal obsolete. To protect his big-business mates Tony Abbott got rid of the carbon price, making it free to pollute, and now he's destroying the market for renewable energy.

"The Renewable Energy Target is cutting pollution, rolling out investment, creating jobs and will bring power bills down. Why on earth would we get rid of it?

"Once renewable energy projects are built, they cost almost nothing to run. They are crucial to keeping power prices under control, because the cheap energy they produce drives down the wholesale price of power.

"The reality is that the fossil fuels sector can't handle the competition from renewables, so the Abbott government is trying to delay the inevitable.

"The uncertainty created by the RET review has been enough to deter investment in clean energy and has already cost communities dearly," said Senator Milne.

"A huge solar farm in Mildura has halted development; Hydro Tasmania stands to lose millions, and countless other innovative businesses, as well as the jobs and families they support, are now in danger.

"A strong Renewable Energy Target helps Australia ride the transition to sustainable energy. Without it, we risk falling off the back of the wave and being stuck in a quagmire of ever rising fossil fuel prices.

"Really, we don't need to wait and see how the government will respond to this report it commissioned, with a hand-picked climate sceptic at the helm. What we need to do is throw the RET report in the bin."



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