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Greens say urgent efforts needed to spare Australians on death row

Media Release
Christine Milne 7 Feb 2015

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says further, urgent efforts must be made to save Australians Andrew Chan and Mayuran Sukumaran from execution in Indonesia, and changes are needed to ensure their situation is not repeated.

"I'm calling on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to make one last trip to Indonesia to try to intervene on behalf of these men, who have now been told they will be killed within three weeks," said Senator Milne.

"Let's not talk about the ‘fate' of these men while we may still have the power to change it.

"We are at the point where last-minute efforts are required, and while the Liberals are wrapped up in their leadership drama there are two Australians on death row who need their urgent attention.

"The Greens oppose the death penalty in Australia, in Indonesia and everywhere around the world.

"I am pleased the Australian government has done everything within its power so far but we need to use all the time we've got to keep working to spare these men from the death penalty.

"The role of the AFP in this case puts a particular obligation on the Australian government to do all it can, because it was the Australian Federal Police which volunteered information knowing it could lead to our citizens being given the death penalty.

"This situation could still be repeated, despite a number of changes being made to the regulations around cooperative policing with Indonesia.

"It's clear a further review into inter-country policing agreements is needed and I would call for volunteered information to be treated the same as information that is requested: if it may lead to Australians being put on death row, it should not be provided."


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