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Greens to stop driving Abbott driving Canberra into recession

Tony Abbott is mounting a massive attack on the public service and the only way to stop him slashing thousands of jobs and pushing Canberra into recession is to keep the Greens in the balance of power in the Senate.

"What Tony Abbott is saying is the Coalition is happy to let the big miners off the hook but will axe thousands of jobs in the public service, in addition to the proposed efficiency dividend, to return the budget to surplus," Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"He says he will put a wrecking ball through the public service, axing 12,000 public servants in a bid to save $5 billion. But these figures do not add up.

"Other figures reported today suggest he will need to sack 20,000 public servants to save $4 billion, so exactly how many thousands of public servants does Tony Abbott intend to sack.

"Here in Canberra our lead Senate candidate Simon Sheikh is running a strong campaign for the Greens to protect the public service.

"When Tony Abbott brings his slashing machine through the public service it will be the Greens who will stand up in the Senate to stop him.

"Tony Abbott is also attacking small business by removing the instant asset write off. That's in addition to destroying renewable energy investment and taking billions out of the renewable energy agency.

"Make no mistake Tony Abbott is a rear vision thinker and has no qualms about compromising the future of this country and expanding the gap between the rich and the poor."

ACT Greens lead Senate candidate Simon Sheikh said:

"One of the most concerning things we saw announced by Joe Hockey this morning is that he will keep Labor's job cutting efficiency dividend and add his 12,000-20,000 job cuts on top of that," Mr Sheikh said.

"That now means going into this election Tony Abbott is promising triple the public service job cuts of the Labor party.

"Job cuts that will send Canberra into a recession.

"How is it fair going into the election with a recipe for recession?

"That's why the Greens are needed in the Senate more than ever if you're going to have someone you can trust to stand up against the excesses of a Tony Abbott government."

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