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Greens welcome Federal Court challenge to Minister Burke’s mining approval for the Tarkine

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne has welcomed today's move by the Tarkine National Coalition to lodge a case in the Federal Court seeking a judicial review of Minister Burke's decision to grant environmental approval for the Shree Minerals proposed mine in the Tarkine.

"We support the Tarkine National Coalition's (TNC) concerns that Minister Burke has erred in law, and back its decision to challenge the approval of the mine because of the impacts on the Tasmanian devil, a Commonwealth listed endangered species," Christine Milne said.

"In allowing this mine to go ahead Minister Burke has failed to act in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, in doing this he has failed in his duties as Minister for the Environment and this approval lacks validity.

"Minister Burke refused to protect the outstanding natural values of the Tarkine, as identified by the Australian Heritage Council, by failing to give the Tarkine National Heritage Status.  Instead, he turned the region over to the mining companies and has given the green light to trash the environment. Now he is being held to account by the Tasmanians who care about the Tarkine and its endangered species.

"Shadow Minister Greg Hunt says he intends to turn around environmental degradation in five years. He can start now with a yes or no answer to this question - will he accept and implement the Australian Heritage Council's recommendation to protect the Tarkine and list it as National Heritage?

"Only the Greens can be trusted to protect the environment, threatened species and their habitat while Labor and the Liberals continue to sell out to the big mining industries."

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