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Hands off our ABC

Media Release
Christine Milne 19 Nov 2014

Senator Milne's statement

Thanks to the CPSU for organising today's rally, I'm sorry parliamentary sittings mean I can't be there.

ABC production in Tasmania has been a vital training ground and professional opportunity for our film and television industry. That's what we told ABC management when it originally cut the nightly 7.30 Report from Tasmania. But they said, you will now have the new Stateline. Then that was rebadged and now is set for the axe.

We are tired of the lies and deaths by a thousand cuts.

ABC management scrapped our TV production unit and now our local current affairs is on the chopping block, thanks to the Abbott government.

Enough is enough. Tasmania is not a walkover. Regional communities like ours need the ABC to provide independent local current affairs. We have to stand together and stand up to the Abbott government, and say no more cuts to our ABC!


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