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Helping farmers sell direct

The Greens' $85 million plan to help farmers bypass the Big Two supermarkets and sell directly to consumers will make it easier to get healthy food, help our farmers get a fair price, and create local jobs.

Read our plan to bring farmers and consumers together.

More than ever Australians want to "know their farmer" and buy food direct from local growers, but under the old parties, Australia has developed one of the most highly centralised food retail sectors in the world.

That's why the Greens have a costed plan to give seed funding to projects that help farmers sell directly to consumers - and go around the Big Two supermarkets.

Farmers markets and community food box schemes will help more communities buy direct from their farmers and increase access to local affordable healthy food.

Regional food hubs will help farmers value-add to their produce and work together to meet larger bulk supply contracts for local institutions such as aged care residences, hospitals, hotels and universities.

Regional food hubs matter because short supply chains often mean greater financial returns as farmers receive a larger share of the food dollar, and the chance to create strong local branding.

The USA has run a similar program to rebuild local food chains, and their experience shows that communities, farmers and local businesses all benefit.

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