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Job insecurity: Tony Abbott’s gift to Australian workers

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today said that Tony Abbott was pulling the rug out from under the feet of Australian workers. 

“Welcome to working life under the Liberals,” said Mr Bandt.  

“Tony Abbott is waging war on Australian workers instead of helping them. 

“Mr Abbott has declared war on workers on two fronts. 

“First, he’s secretly re-opened the 457 visa loophole to let employers hire unlimited numbers of overseas workers, without advertising locally first.

“Meanwhile, Mr Abbott is cheerleading Qantas offshoring Australian jobs right now at the same time it’s hiring in Auckland. 

“Undermining job security hurts Australian workers.”

There are thought to be 800 Qantas workers in call centres in Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, whose lives are on hold while Qantas conducts a so-called review – which it reportedly won’t provide any details about.

Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne is extremely concerned about the impact Qantas is having on Tasmania’s workers. 

“Thirty-five Tasmanian Qantas jobs have already been axed and will potentially be replaced by lower-paid positions, and now hundreds of call centre jobs are up in the air,” said Senator Milne. 

“Qantas should show some respect for the skills and experience of these workers and be straight with the unions on what’s going on with the call centre review.” 

“Tasmanians are not happy with the attitude that Qantas is taking, and I’m calling on Qantas to recognise that these jobs are important to our state and their customers,” said Senator Milne. 


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