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Kitchen Gardens in Schools

To help all Australian children stay healthy, we must teach them how to grow, buy and cook good food. Nothing beats hands-on learning at school.

Pressure in our daily lives is seeing good life skills like knowing how to choose, prepare, cook and store nutritious food become less well-known.

We need to foster a culture of knowledge and pleasure in growing, choosing and cooking healthy food among our children.

School kitchen gardens provide this opportunity for every child and are a proven success, which is why the Greens will fund another 800 school kitchen gardens, prioritising funding for low-income areas.

The Greens will ensure that teaching about where our food and fibre comes from is embedded in the national curriculum for primary and secondary education.

We must also help adults who have missed out on this knowledge gain these essential skills for a better quality of life, by increasing funding for adult nutrition skills and training.

Read our full plan to foster healthy eating skills for life.

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