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Labor and Coalition silent on national ICAC

Media Release
Christine Milne 14 May 2014

Ahead of the push for a vote on a national ICAC in the Senate tomorrow morning, the Australian Greens say both Labor and Tony Abbott's Liberals have failed to declare a position on the national anti-corruption legislation.

"We need to take urgent action on corruption and we can. It's never been more obvious that we need a national ICAC," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"What are Labor and the Coalition hiding from?

"The National Integrity Commission Bill is well-formed, comprehensive legislation and it's exactly what we need to restore public confidence in the political system.

"If Labor or the Abbott government have concerns about the bill or suggestions for improvements then my door is open and the Greens are ready to negotiate. We've heard nothing," said Senator Milne.

"Labor or the Coalition may try to delay the vote, why? This bill has been before the parliament since last year - there is no excuse for further delay.

"Given the shocking revelations uncovered by ICAC in NSW, the RBA securency scandal and more recently the scandal involving an employee at the ABS, it beggars belief that we wouldn't mirror such a body for the Commonwealth.

"I call on all my parliamentary colleagues to unite in an effort to earn back voters' trust."


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