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Labor cannot be trusted to care for the environment

Media Release
Christine Milne 28 Mar 2013

Yet again Labor is demonstrating that it cannot be trusted to care for the environment, the Australian Greens said today.

"Julia Gillard is taking on Tony Abbott's agenda of slashing jobs from the public service." Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"First the Climate Change Department and now the Department of Sustainability and the Environment - Tony Abbott will be grinning.

"Today we see that 150 jobs in the Department of Sustainability and the Environment will be slashed, despite the mounting pressures on our environment - extreme biodiversity loss, and our national icons and prime agricultural land and communities threatened by development and global warming." Senator Christine Milne, the Leader of the Australian Greens, said.

"This past week we have seen the Department of Climate Change abandoned as a stand-alone agency, while new reports reveal Australia is lagging far behind the rest of the world in preparing for a low-carbon economy.

"This Labor Government has been undermining 30 years of environmental reforms, putting mines in the Tarkine, permitting coal seam gas wells across farmland and communities, coal ports along the Great Barrier Reef and gas hubs in whale nesting grounds - this latest news adds to the list of environmental disasters, revealing once again that Labor cannot be trusted on the environment." Senator Milne said.

Senator Larissa Waters, the Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said the decision showed Labor's complete disrespect for the special places and species that Australians love.

"As many Australians look forward to spending time enjoying our natural places over the Easter break, Labor is cutting the body responsible for protecting the environment federally.

"This week, an ABS report showed that in the past year, forty three per cent of Australians have planted or cared for native trees and almost one in five Australians have cared for native wildlife.

"Although it's clear Australians care deeply about our environment, Labor is showing its true colours in cutting 150 jobs from the environment department with no explanation of how the extra work will get done." Senator Waters said.

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