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Latest emissions figures prove worth of price on pollution

Media Release
Christine Milne 5 Feb 2014

It took a typo, but finally the Environment Minister is talking sense when it comes to the price on pollution, say the Australian Greens.

A statement issued from the office of Minister Greg Hunt reads, "Emissions figures released today show the Carbon Tax is still inflicting plenty of gain, with no environmental pain."

"This statement may have been an accident, but make no mistake, the price on pollution is working," says Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"No amount of cherry picking of data can justify the Abbott government's ideological opposition to effective action on global warming.

"The government is misleading Australia in failing to make clear that emissions are reported from the whole economy, even though not all sectors are covered by the carbon price.

"It's time for the government to admit, for real, that our economy is growing while carbon pollution is reducing.

"We've seen emissions from the electricity sector drop in each of these quarterly reports since the price on pollution was introduced. Reducing free permits and ending fossil fuel subsidies to coal and gas would help to drive down emissions further, but the Abbott government is keen to maintain the culture of entitlement in those industries and doesn't care about the increasing fugitive emissions from them.

"Deforestation from land clearance is on the rise but is not covered by the carbon price. Will Direct Action regulate to end land clearance?

"Unlike Direct Action, the emissions trading scheme is a long-term framework and it has started very well. It's a pity it took a typo for the Environment Minister to get it right when it comes to global warming."


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