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Lowering On-Farm Energy Bills

The Greens' plan to help farmers be more energy self-sufficient & save money

If we want to ensure Australia is always able to produce enough fresh food to feed itself, it makes sense to build resilience through our whole food supply system.

Supporting the switch to renewable energy and greater energy efficiency is an important part of strengthening our local food supply.

Helping energy intensive farmers increase their energy self-sufficiency will lower their costs, strengthen the food supply chain, lower our greenhouse gas emissions and build the clean green reputation of Australian agriculture.

The Australian Greens will fund $100 million worth of grants to energy-intensive farms to help them upgrade their equipment for maximum energy efficiency, and to install renewable energy to run intensive operations.

The grants will fund:

  • Upgrading of capital equipment to improve energy efficiency (for example, cold stores, irrigation pumps).
  • Installation of on-farm renewable energy systems to provide the energy for high energy intensity activities such as irrigation systems, packaging and processing equipment, water heating and sterilization.

You can read the full Farmer Energy Self-Sufficiency grants plan here.

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