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Milne to Abbott: We will block your secret slash and burn agenda

Media Release
Christine Milne 29 Aug 2013

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne says obfuscation by Tony Abbott on details of the Coalition's savings measures is a deliberate attempt to hide his razor gang from voters.

"Tony Abbott wants to cut environment spending and the public service to fund tax breaks for the rich but he isn't being honest with the Australian people about it," Senator Milne said.

"Mr Abbott wants total control of the parliament and for the Senate to wave through policies he won't even come clean on. He is hiding the ruthlessness of his razor gang from voters.

"This arrogance will be exposed. Mr Abbott is treating the Prime Ministership as an entitlement, and plans to send voters back to the polls if he doesn't get what he wants - total control of both houses of parliament.

"Well I say to Mr Abbott, you have another thing coming. The Greens in the balance of power will not allow your secret slash and burn agenda to proceed.

"The only way to stop the excesses of an Abbott government will be to have the Greens strong in the Senate.

"A vote for the Greens is a vote for a more caring Australia that rejects the cruel and miserly politics of the two old parties."

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